fully Automatic Pellets Frying Line.

  • July 10, 2023 3:22 pm
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fully Automatic Pellets Frying Line.



The Automatic Pellets Frying System is modern frying system which provides best frying environment which brings out the final product with best quality And The pellet snack fryer is suitable for a wide range of pellet snacks. A dipping conveyor belt takes the pellet snacks through the frying oil and within 15 to 40 seconds, the pellet snacks are fried and expand into their final shape.

Flavor Dispenser

The Flavoring Dispenser is an advanced system that ensures the accurate dosing of salt or other Flavorings as an addition to your product. And Disc type dispenser, having SS hopper. Flavor quantity can be controlled. Equipped with dedicated panel.

Flavoring Drum

Flavoring is introduced to the drum at the same time as the potato chips or snack pellets. The dispensing system ensures the exact amount of Flavoring in relation to the product. with gentle movement, hence less breakage of the product.

Oil Filtration System

The Conveyor Filter will remove the smallest particles of starch from the frying oil. The oil is Filtered by means of a Vshaped conveyor belt for arresting crumbs and burned product during process to enhance product shelf life and to maintain oil quality.

Main Features of Fryer

Technical Specifications

Model FBF-300 FBF-500 FBF-700 FBF-1000 FBF-1500
Output /in Hour 300Kg 500Kg 700Kg 1000Kg 1500 Kg
Fuel Option Diesel/Gas/Wood/Thermic
Oil Filtration System Manual                           Conveyor Type Filtration System
Power Consuption in Wood 13.5 Hp 14 Hp 19.5 Hp 22.5 Hp 24.5 Hp
Oil Holding Capacity In System 450 Litre 650 Litre 800 Litre 1000 Litre 1150 Litre
Length & Width Of Line 56ft X 8.5ft 60ft X 9.5ft 66ft X 10.5ft 70ft X 11.5ft 73.5ft X 13ft
Material Of Construction AISI 304 AISI 304 AISI 304 AISI 304 AISI 304


A buffer hopper to feed raw pellets. Entire construction in SS 304 with exception of standard component viz. drive motor, Vibrator etc.


An elevator with small hopper to receive raw pellets. Entire construction in SS 304 with exception of standard component viz. drive motor, flighted conveyor belt, bearings etc. Belt speed regulation by VFD.


To evenout moisture content in raw pellets prior to frying. All Stailnless steel construction except standard components viz. drive rolls system, drive motor, bearings etc.


Product is fried beneath a submerger conveyor and taken out by a separate takeout belt on an inclined plane. For ease of cleaning conveyor frames along with top hood are lifted with help of mechanized hood lifting system. Material of construction will be stainless steel (SS304).


The conveyor receives pellets from fryer. And transports it to further process. It allows the product temperature to come to equilibrium and removing excess surface oil. Belt speed regulation by VFD. Entire construction is of stainless steel except for the standard parts.


It is a rotary horizontal drum, which blends the fried product and flavour together so that the flavour is evenly covered as far as practically possible. The drum is made such that its degree of inclination can be adjusted. The drum is also provided with inwardly projecting product lifters. Speed of rotation of drum is variable and entire construction is of SS304 except standard components.


Vibratory Scarf Tray for even spraying of flavoring.


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