Dimple Creation Surgery in Gurgaon

  • November 24, 2022 6:23 am
  • Gurugram, Haryana
Dimple Creation Surgery in Gurgaon


Cheek dimples are usually considered as an attractive feature of facial beauty. Dimples on cheeks enhance facial beauty and expression. They occur in both sexes with no particular preponderance, may express unilaterally or bilaterally and are genetically inherited as a dominant trait anatomically. Dimple-CreationDimples are thought to be caused by a double or bifid zygomaticus major muscle, whose facial strands insert into the dermis and cause a dermal tethering effect. You can get best Dimple Creation Surgery in Gurgaon at Kalosa Clinic. It has expert Dimple Creation Surgeon in Gurgaon, Delhi NCR.



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